Letter to God: A Memoir

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Letter To God: A Memoir

Transcending Pain Through the Power of Love. The latest work from Marvin Faulkner, Letter To God: A Memoir explores the struggles and pain in life, and the light and healing that is found through unconditional love.

The second book following the well-acclaimed Days Gone By: Reflecting on Life’s Meaning with Humor & Hope. Letter To God will mean different things to different people. But, the memoir is ultimately intended to encourage and inspire everyone to live and die with love despite the lightning rods of hatred and darkness that are thrown at every turn.

Days Gone By: Reflecting on Life’s Meaning with Humor & Hope

Dr. Marvin Faulkner’s collection of inspirational, entertaining, and often comical short stories offers hope (and maybe even some healing laughter!) while charting the pathway to personal growth through faith and spirituality during life’s good, comical, and sometimes ugly times. 

This short memoir serves as a necessary reminder that We are not alone in our day-to-day challenges and that we can find humor, faith, and fresh insight.

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Five Stages of Grief

Five Stages of Grief

Five Stages of Grief When we are confronted with loss we tend to go through a series of emotional responses, also known as The Five Stages of Grie...
Overcoming Grief

Overcoming Grief

The stages of grief are well known. But it's not like you go through anger and then you're done with it. And then you experience forgiveness or acceptance … it’s a revolving door thats interchangeable. But death is different for different people. It impacts us all differently. And it’s just something we all have to deal with. And we deal in our own way.
Raise Me Up

Raise Me Up

You know sometimes inspirational speakers don’t always feel inspirational, they aren’t always upbeat … but they are only human.

For me, I took some time before posting this podcast because lately I have felt deeply burdened and very weary. There have been some discouraging events and they have wounded me. Death has come calling on some patients of mine.