New Release - Letter To God: A Memoir

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The latest work from Marvin Faulkner, Letter To God: A Memoir explores the struggles and pain in life, and the light and healing that is found through unconditional love.

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There is no remedy for love, but to love more. -Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps you’ve sought a higher power for strength; prayed in the hard times and maybe even in the happy times; cried out to God in pain; or maybe even used His name in vain. But, if you were really writing a letter to God, what would you say about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life? That’s exactly what Dr. Marvin Faulkner set out to explore in Letter To God: A Memoir, which is his second book following the well-acclaimed Days Gone By: Reflecting on Life’s Meaning with Humor & Hope. In this memoir, Dr. Faulkner invites readers into slices of his past — from youth to maturity, and every moment along the way — with enlightening candor, gripping truths, and hard-won faith, to reveal a stirring realization of the power of love in every (and despite every) circumstance; love that conquers all, even during the most devastating seasons of life.

While the stories are deeply personal, Dr. Faulkner’s work is ultimately one of human interest. Written from the perspective of a commoner, he extends heartfelt — even visceral — honesty and compelling insight into the human condition and its most intense emotions. With each chapter, he bravely shows readers that the journey — all journeys — are worth it in the end.

Letter To God will mean different things to different people. But, the memoir is ultimately intended to encourage and inspire everyone to live and die with love despite the lightning rods of hatred and darkness that are thrown at every turn. Through Dr. Faulkner’s powerful accounts of a life framed by tragedy yet wrapped with love, he offers shared connection points to which all can relate — and a reminder that all we really need is love.

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