Overcoming Grief


The stages of grief are well known. But it's not like you go through anger and then you're done with it. And then you experience forgiveness or acceptance … it’s a revolving door thats interchangeable.

But death is different for different people. It impacts us all differently. And it’s just something we all have to deal with. And we deal in our own way.

Most people find that it's a dynamic process. But the most important process is to remember yourself and who you were. Remember to be good to yourself. Remember the good times with your loved one. And realize that you did all that you can do. You loved deeply. And if you did that, and gave it all you had, then you did your best! And even though your loved one still went on, you will find peace in knowing who you are and who you were. 

Find laughter again. Put a smile on your face. This all helps with the healing process, because this isn’t something we ever get over, it's just something we get through. 

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