The Sermon of Truth

The Sermon of Truth


Recently I attended a visitation for a colleague of mine, Dr. Kelly Young. Kelly was a beautiful person. She was wonderful, very kind, very considerate. 

Ironically dying of cancer as an oncologist. I went to the visitation. I had not met the family before. Two children in High School and a Husband John.

As soon as I made eye contact with her husband and I was able to let him know that I had been through the same, his eyes locked onto mine and I was happy at that moment that I can give him, Letter to God  because I know that Kelly would have wanted me to do that. And so i'm confident that in time that message within those chapters will mean something to him.

I was glad that I went and I believe that times of grief and loss we need to surround ourselves with others, and I’ll try to do what we can to help lighten their burden.

I had a patient who said, “why am I always getting walked all over” and I said because sometimes you're spending too much time in that lowly part of humble.

I ask myself did christ ever experience lowliness? I’m sure he must have. Like when he was facing the authorities and he wouldn't answer any questions or maybe when he was on the cross and and he looked down at his feet only to see a precious few while thousands cursed him and yet he died for us anyway. So at times when he said, “father why have you forsaken me,” maybe he felt alone and maybe he felt lowly and maybe he had some moments of doubt and despair. And especially when he refused to talk and people were challenging him, maybe he had that portion of him that experienced a little lowliness.

And the truth is, perhaps we all do.

I’d always been asking what does it take to be inspirational and it's come upon me that you must tell the truth. Only the truth will set you free and you just can't be inspirational if you're a liar. At some point someone finds out.

You must speak the truth. 


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