The Cost of Hatred: Inspirational Messages 15


The cost of hatred is high. It will cost you everything; family, business and even your life.

Many people get overwhelmed by anger because their emotions are entangled with abstract thoughts. Their anger becomes hatred of someone or something and finally turns to self-hatred.

The cost of hatred is not limited to this world. We are all going to die. Some people say there is no God. I say without a God and supreme being we are doomed. What else do we have to believe in?

It’s easier to hate, but only LOVE can heal hatred. When you choose LOVE it makes all the difference. A house is just a house, but it takes LOVE to make it a home.

We need help. We need prayer. We need God. We need God to smile upon The United States of America again. We need a rising. And only LOVE will do that. And only light will take out the darkness.

Love conquers all.

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