Pockets of Love


Our country has been through a lot lately — Trump’s failure as a leader, a pandemic with mounting economic stress on all Americans, and the tremendous impact of harmful systemic racism. 

Untold acts of racism take place daily across America. The problem with systemic racism, is that it goes unnoticed and becomes part of daily life. How can we change this? I didn’t even think systemic racism existed. I thought we had pockets of racism. But, I was completely unaware or perhaps in full denial. Now I can see. I’m aware, and it takes acknowledgment in order to heal and create change. That awareness creates a positive change, it creates “pockets of love” where people don’t see color, where people are one, equal. 

It easy to focus on anger with all that’s going on in the world. It’s easy to become negative and want to give up on our country. But God wants us to love. God wants us not to hate. God wants this to be a better place.

Our leaders need to rise up and lead. We as Americans need to push forward to change the system. We have to stand up and speak out. We need to create equality but most importantly, we need to LOVE. 


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