Meet Marvin (Zach Test Copy)

Marvin Faulkner

Dr. Faulkner penned his first work, the screenplay Between Heaven and Hell, in 2005 as a form of catharsis and a coping mechanism for a string of tragedies in his life and the lives of those close to him. For the next two years, he also produced the independent film, of the same name, in which he played the lead role. The film is available for purchase on Amazon.

In addition to Days Gone By, Dr. Faulkner will soon release Letter to God, a personal account of his journey that, in essence, reflects the common man’s trials and triumphs and the feelings that connect us all. Also coming soon is his epic fictional novel, The Gift, about a man’s life adventures and his consequent revelations in his older years.

Dr. Faulkner has three children and currently resides in Kansas City, Mo. His wife, Tamara, passed away a number of years ago but her spirit remains evident and much of his work is dedicated to her memory. He continues to help others with pain management—through his medical practice and his written words.